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Can my tracks be posted as a series/ on these dates/ approval expedited?

Due to overwhelming demand, and the current design of the app, we no longer work with teachers on a regular publishing schedule. 

In saying that, we recommend teachers to submit their tracks in advance, so our team can review and publish them in time for the teacher to share it / promote them on their end during the relevant date, especially when the release of a track is time-sensitive (e.g. for Christmas, Solstice, New Year, etc.). 

We recommend teachers announce new releases by hosting Live events, sharing them on the teacher's Group, and through social media.

For tracks in a series, our team automatically publishes them consecutively and in order, provided that the sequence is clearly indicated in the title (e.g. Day 1, Week 1, Lesson 1, etc.).

Please make sure that your uploads comply with our Content Requirements and Guidelines and Image Requirements and Technical Specifications to avoid delays in publishing.

Read our complete Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers. You may also learn more about our publishing approval process here.

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