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Requirements and Guidelines for Publishing a Course

Courses are a great way to share more of your work, and for our community to go in-depth in teachings that complement their practice. It is one of the means for Insight Timer teachers to earn a meaningful income. You can view courses here.

Courses follow a simple format: 5 to 80 days with daily sessions that range between 10-15 minutes. They are audio-only and pre-recorded. At the end of each session, there is a written survey where teachers ask students a reflective question with four possible answers. Each course has an interactive classroom where teachers can respond using audio or text. Furthermore, it costs nothing to be involved and you can edit or remove your material at any time. 

At present, courses are by-invite only until further notice. However, we are keen to know more about your idea for a course. With courses being a premium paid product, we have determined a set of minimum qualifications a teacher must meet in order to proceed with course proposal creation. These are:

If a teacher ticks off all of these qualifications, they may submit a proposal by downloading and filling up the Insight Timer Course Outline Template. Then, submit this along with other details via either of the following forms:

Please note that submitting a proposal doesn't guarantee its approval.

If your proposal is accepted, our team will then reach out for the next steps. It usually takes up to 14 days for our team to get in touch. Please keep in mind that we receive many proposals and we won't be able to individually reply to each of them. Due to high demand and limited resources, our team will only reply to proposals that have been accepted. Important: Please do not yet record any audio without advice from our team.

Audio files for courses must be in mp3 format and high-quality. As premium offerings, studio-quality is part of the standard requirements for courses. 

We strive to keep not only the content quality thoughtful and well-crafted but the audio quality as well as part of our fair promise to premium Member Plus users. And since courses are paid products, typically users are also more discerning in terms of the overall quality of the recordings. Kindly ensure that there is little to no extra noise in your recordings like objects falling, dogs barking, people talking in the background, footsteps, and similar external sounds.

Every course has a "classroom" which is a space created to engage with your students, to discuss and reflect on the course's topic. The use of this space for promoting external links, platforms, etc, as well as the collection of users' personal data is not allowed.

We hold the accompanying images of our courses to the same standards as tracks. Please refer to our Image Requirements and Technical Specifications.

Infringement of or non-compliance with any of the above may result in rejection of tracks and courses, delay in publishing as well as temporarily or permanently being banned from using and uploading content on our platform.

Read our complete Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers.

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