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Why was the image of my track changed?

In the past, we consequently updated the accompanying photos of tracks when they don't meet our technical and visual requirements. As Insight Timer moves into a more autonomous platform and as we strive to maintain a harmonious tone, we will no longer be changing images on behalf of teachers and instead will be "rejecting" them. This way, teachers still get to choose the image that best reflects their work, as long as it adheres to our requirements and guidelines.

However, for non-English content, our team may still take the liberty of changing a track's accompanying image from time to time when it doesn't meet the above-mentioned requirements.

We understand and are aware that there are still tracks on the platform that do not really fit this visual style and/or meet our guidelines. We've also allowed the use of images in the past that do not meet the same. Rest assured that we are working to do some clean-up of our 146,000 (and counting) tracks as well as improving our FAQs to make sure our teachers and users get only clear, concise, and pertinent information about our processes and products. 

Here are our Image Requirements & Technical Specifications as well as our Content Requirements & Guidelines for your reference.

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