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How do I run group meditations during virtual meetings?

To run a group meditation during virtual meetings:

  1. Encourage your coworkers to join the Workplace Group. This isn't essential but it means they will get notifications for when the group meditation starts and can then easily join from their phone. But they can still join without being a member of the Group.
  2. Select the meditation track for the group meditation. Share the group meditation link with everyone via your internal communication channels, just in case some people are not in the Group. To ensure people remember to attend, create a calendar meeting, embed the link to the group meditation and invite your coworkers.
  3. Start the group meditation
  4. Everyone can join from their chosen device. The sound will play in unison across everyone's devices.
  5. Enjoy meditating together.

Best practice: Do it while on zoom so you can all see each other's faces, but it's important to make sure that everyone is muted!

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