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Don’t have a work email address but other colleagues do? Find out ways to still join Insight Timer For Work.

We understand that not all employees may have access to a work email address. However, this is not a problem. Even without a company domain, you can still join your colleagues on Insight Timer For Work.

To get started, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the app and click on the Workplace icon (one of the tiles on the Home screen).
  2. Tap on Get Started.
  3. Click on "I don't have a work email."
  4. Key in your preferred email address and follow the prompts to verify it.
  5. Click on "Request access."
  6. Tap the "Continue" button.

After requesting access, the Workplace admin will review your request. Once approved, you will receive an update via email.

Please note that this feature is exclusively available for Workplaces that have a paid subscription.

Should you have any issues signing up, please contact

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