What are the Community Guidelines?

Insight Timer celebrates and encourages diversity. We do not allow personal attacks (racial, sexual, ageist, religious, political or ethnic) of any kind.

All users are asked to respect 8 simple guidelines.

1. Do not cross-post the same message into more than one group

2. Do not maintain two separate accounts or impersonate someone else

3. Do not post comments that promote a commercial enterprise or business

4. Do not upload an avatar which contains nudity

5. Do not post copyright material

6. Do not post spam (unsolicited private promotional messages are considered spam)

7. Do not post private messages from other users without permission

8. New users must have at least 1 session a day for 5 days before they are allowed to post/reply  

Please note:

Each group is administered independently by an Insight Timer user. If you have a concern about a particular user or group contact the group administrator directly.

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