How do I set up My Publisher Profile?

To become a Publisher on Insight Timer you will first need to set up a profile. To do this via our website, login and click Publish.

The information you upload can be edited at any time. It includes:

- Name
- Username
- Location
- Bio
- Website link
- Hi-res headshot of your face (body shots will be cropped)

Once completed, this information will appear on both the website and within the app alongside your catalogue of tracks. This means people can easily access all your content in one spot.

Every Publisher Profile has a custom URL for you to share via email or on social media. Using this link means people will be taken directly to your profile within the app.

Your custom URL is:

How do I find my unique username?

Your unique username can be found in your Publisher Profile. You would have created this when you setup your Profile on the website. Alternatively take a look at your Insight Timer Publisher link on the website, the name after the forward slash is your username. 

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