What are Insight Courses?

Take just 10 minutes a day to learn something new!

Nowadays it's hard finding the time to learn something new...we're all so involved what our daily lives. Insight Courses have been designed to solve this by turning learning into something you can do in-between life's moments. 

Short & Mobile

Insight Courses take just ten minutes a day so you can do them while walking to work or on your lunch break. They've also been designed with mobility in minds to there's no need to download PDF's or sit at your computer. 

Safe & Secure 

Insight Courses are purchased via Apple and Google's app stores, so there's no need to enter your credit card details or sign up to Facebook groups. It all happens with a single in-app click on your phone. 

Interactive Classrooms 

Insight Courses include a classroom which is moderated by the teacher so you can ask questions along the way. Teachers also respond to select questions using a real-time audio button.

Teacher Friendly

Many publishing companies take up to 80% of the course fee, leaving teachers with as little as 20%. Our teachers receive 70% of the course fee (after app store commissions), ensuring they earn far more with Insight Courses. 

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