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Requirements and Guidelines for Publishing a Course on Insight Timer

Courses are a great way to share more of your work, and for our community to go in-depth in teachings that complement their practice. They are available to our MemberPlus subscribers and it is one of the ways for Insight Timer teachers to earn a meaningful income. You can view courses here.

Insight Timer courses are part of our MemberPlus Subcription offerings which unlocks access to hundreds of courses for subscribers.

A course is a set of pre-recorded audio lessons on a particular topic. It should be high-quality content aimed to give students a skill, a set of tools, behaviors, or actions that will support their well-being journey in a positive way.

NOTE: It cannot be a selection of guided meditations, podcasts, or music tracks. For these cases, we invite you to upload them as Premium Tracks. Read more



    Before recording a course, please make sure you have the relevant qualifications, accreditations, or expertise to support the topic you will be covering. Please upload all the relevant certificates or documentation to your Teacher Dashboard > Publisher profile > Accreditations.

    You should have at least 2 tracks published with a minimum of 4.5-star rating. Having free content is a good way to promote yourself and let users listen to some of your content before committing to your course. It will also help your teacher profile on the app look more complete. During your course, you can also recommend students listen to some of your free practices as a way to integrate these teachings and skills from your course into their everyday lives.  

    Please make sure you have added your PayPal account details to your teacher profile.

We reserve the right to reject any courses that do not meet any of the above requirements. 


Please read this article for more information on how we pay our teachers.


  • Insight Timer courses must include a written title and a description, short introductory audio, and an image.
  • Every course's curriculum should have a minimum of 2 pre-recorded audio lessons with their own written titles and descriptions. We kindly request that each lesson have a minimum duration of 5 minutes.
  • At the end of each lesson, there is a written survey where teachers ask students a reflective question with four possible answers. 
  • Each course has an interactive classroom where teachers can respond using audio or text.
  • For more detailed information, please read this article.



As premium offerings, audio files for courses must be in mp3 format and studio quality. We strive to keep not only the content quality thoughtful and well-crafted but the audio quality as well as part of our promise to premium Member Plus users. And since courses are paid products, typically users are also more discerning of the overall quality of content. Kindly ensure that there is little to no extra noise in your recordings like objects falling, dogs barking, people talking in the background, footsteps, and similar external sounds. This will also help your course get better ratings and reviews.

Lessons usually range between 10-15 minutes, but this can be flexible depending on your course's structure, and we recommend keeping lessons within at least 5 minutes.

Courses are our premium products and users expect high-quality audio.

If adding background music to your lessons, please make sure you own the copyrights or you are using royalty-free music. 


Please make sure your selected image meets our Image Requirements.

Infringement of or non-compliance with any of the above may result in the rejection of your course, delay in publishing as well as temporarily or being banned from using and uploading content on our platform.


Every course has a classroom where students can ask questions. This interactive environment serves as a place for students to engage with the teachers and share their reflections on the course. 

Teachers must follow our "no promotion policy" by refraining from posting any promotional content. This include any mention and links to products, additional supportive materials, services, websites, books, courses, social media, retreats, email newsletters, and other platforms, as well as contact details.

Requesting contact details from students is not allowed for any reason. 

Please read this article for further guidance on the best practices for Course Classrooms, and how to reply to comments and reviews. 


We take issues with copyright very seriously. Before you upload anything onto the app, please read this article.

Please read our policy regarding the use of AI for content creation here.


If your audio tackles sensitive and triggering topics like depression or eating disorders, we require that you place a “trigger warning” note at the beginning of the recording as well as the track description. It must also be emphasized that it is not a substitute for professional help and that there are no scientific claims. 

Furthermore, reminders to exercise necessary caution and steps to ensure health and safety, like avoiding driving or operating heavy machinery, should also be included in the recording and the description when necessary.



Courses must not contain any promotional content. This includes mention and links to products, services, websites, books, courses, social media, retreats, email newsletters, and other platforms, as well as contact details.


Your publisher intro should be written in the third person with no promotional content included. 



To make sure that Insight Timer remains a place of refuge, we refrain from publishing courses that deal with or contain any of the following topics:

  • Overtly sexual

Sexuality plays a huge role in achieving overall well-being. However, until we put appropriate filters for tracks that are sexual in nature, contain sexual references, have sexual undertones, and/or are sexually suggestive, we shall refrain from accepting such.

  • Hyper-Political, Hate Speech, & Explicit Language

Content that promotes or discredits specific organizations or movements will not be accepted. Topics like this may be divisive and polarizing to a general audience. We also do not tolerate hate speech or discrimination of any kind. Courses with explicit language may be accepted as long as it is within the context and not used profusely. A disclaimer/warning in the description is also required.

  • Any Form of Hypnosis

We believe hypnosis should be practiced only in a safe environment, preferably in a face-to-face setting with a trained practitioner.

  • Content Led by Children or Individuals Under the Age of 16

While we applaud and encourage starting a mindfulness practice at a young age, we’d like our resources to be provided by qualified teachers. 

  • References to Use of Substances

We prohibit content that references, promotes, encourages, or implies the use of drugs, alcohol, or any state-altering substances.

  • Money-making Programs & Financial Services

We do not accept content that deals with, promotes, sells, or offers any financial services. This includes crypto-currencies, insurance, multi-level marketing, investment plans, wealth management, and others.

  • Suicide

Discussing the topic of suicide may be triggering to some of our more vulnerable users. Therefore, until measures that will safeguard user well-being and safety are in place, we will not be accepting such content.


As a teacher, you can edit or remove your material at any time. Please contact publishers@insight.co for support.


If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, please help us by letting us know here.

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