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How should I announce Insight Timer to my company?

We've provided an email template for companies who've just joined Insight Timer @Work.

We’ve put together a customizable email template you can send to your company or team to let everyone know they now have unlimited access to Insight Timer's library of Guided Meditations, Talks, Courses, Live Workshops & Yoga. 


1. Copy the template below and paste it into a new email message. 

2. Remove any content that isn't relevant for your team. 

3. Send to your team!

Suggested personal intro:

We’ve partnered with Insight Timer, the world’s no.1 meditation app for sleep, stress and anxiety, so you can tap out, and tap into a world of wisdom; day or night.

Insight Timer Workplace unlocks the largest and most diverse content library there is – that’s 146,000 guided meditations, courses and playlists from the world’s leading mindfulness teachers and musicians.

You’ll get to experience powerful practices led by experts from a diverse range of cultures, languages and backgrounds, including leading neuroscientists and clinical psychologists, inspiring practitioners of the monastic traditions and influential professors from the Universities of Oxford, Harvard and Stanford.

Plus, if you prefer group get togethers, there’s over 600 live events to take part in each week, spanning yoga, talks, music and Meditation. Together with participants from across the planet, you’ll get to connect with like-minded people, whilst discovering something new. 

Want to practice with coworkers? You can set up group meditations using our Groups feature, so you can come together and claim some calm at any time, and with as many people as you like.

How to get started

Step 1: Download the Insight Timer app

Step 2: Create an account (with your personal or work email)

Step 3: Add Workplace by opening the Workplace tab within your Profile page located at the top left corner of the app.

Step 4: Join the <Company Name> Group

<You should include a link to at least one Group you have created>


If you’re new to Meditation, why not start with our Learn to Meditate course? Designed to help you focus and concentrate your mind with a variety of meditation techniques.

Want to spread the word with graphics? Download our Insight Timer announcements, attached below, designed for whatever communication channel your team may use.                                                 


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