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Can I Edit an Already Published Premium Audio Course?

Premium Audio Courses on Insight Timer are sets of pre-recorded audio lessons aimed to give students a set of skills, tools, behavior, or actions that support their well-being journey. However, it is common that after a course has been published, some changes may need to be made. 

Here's how you can make the edits to your Premium Audio Course: 

  • Log in to the Teacher Dashboard
  • Go to Courses > Select the course that you wish to edit
  • On the upper right part, click on the Pencil icon to edit

After clicking the Pencil icon, you will be directed to the course form to start making the edits. Once edits are done, please do not forget to click on Submit for review. 

What are the fields that I can edit? 

Teachers can make all the necessary edits in the form, except for Course Intro audio replacements and Survey Questions and Answers. If you need to replace your Course Intro audio track or edit your Survey Questions and Answers, please write us an email at publishers@insight.co.

Once edits are made, your changes will be visible once reviewed and approved by the team within 5 working days

We reserve the right to reject any change that does not meet our Requirements and Guidelines for Publishing Course.

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