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Help, how do I manage my Notifications?

Managing notifications is easy. There are several ways to manage alerts and notifications on the app:


        1. Select the Profile icon.

        2. Click Settings, scroll down to find Notifications. 

        3. Select Notifications and toggle on or off your Notifications. 

Groups Notification

        1. Go to the Groups you wish to manage by tapping 'Connect'.

        2. Tap 'My Groups' then click the three dots in the upper right corner.

        3. Click 'Notifications'.

        4. Toggle on or off the notifications you want to receive from the Group.

New content uploaded by Teachers you follow

        1. Select the Teacher's Profile you want to manage Notifications for. 

        2. Click the 3 dots above the 'Donate' button.

        3. Toggle on or off notifications under 'Alerts from Teacher'.

Message from a friend

        1. Open Messages.

        2. Choose a Message thread from a friend.

        3. Click the 3 dots.

        4. Toggle Mute notifications on/off.

To disable ALL notifications and alerts from Insight Timer, click here.

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