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Will the teacher receive the total amount that I donate?

Yes, Teachers receive 100% of the amount you donate. 

Donations to teachers can be made via the teacher profile, tracks, or live events.

Exception: Apple takes a 30% fee on donations made via an iOS device. 

This does not apply to donations made via Android devices.

For this option to be available on your device, please make sure you have the latest version of the Insight Timer app that includes Stripe as our payment platform (see image below). 

Insight Timer does not charge any fees for this service, so you can be confident that your full donation will support your favorite teacher's work.

Please note that a small transaction fee charged by our payment processing partner, Stripe, will be added to your donation amount. This fee is necessary to ensure that your teacher receives the full amount you intended to donate. We strive to keep this fee as low as possible, and we appreciate your understanding in helping us cover the costs of processing donations.

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