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Adding Snippets To Tracks

Snippets are 30-second audio previews for tracks, accessible to everyone, showcasing the most memorable part of the track. They work as "teasers," helping users decide whether to listen to the full track or not.

Snippets have been available on Premium Tracks so far, and we're now rolling them out to Free Tracks as well, along with an exciting launch: a browsing tool that lets users scroll through a 30-second preview of several tracks, similar to "stories."

This new format aims to enhance the discovery and engagement of your content on the platform, leveraging your tracks' reach and revenue potential.


Similar to Premium Tracks, the uploading form for Free Tracks will now include the 'Pick a Snippet' tool, so your new tracks are published with a 30-second preview.

However, to support this feature and ensure that your content shines, you can select a 30-second audio snippet for each of your already published Free Tracks. This way, you can guarantee that your entire track portfolio is eligible to be showcased in the new preview feature. This snippet should highlight the most compelling and inspiring moment of the track.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to the Teacher Dashboard
  • Locate your Free Tracks on the 'Tracks' tab
  • Select 'Edit' 
  • Select 'Pick a snippet'
  • Drag the slider to select the most memorable 30 seconds of your track 
  • Re-submit the track for approval 

NOTE: For a better listening experience, unless it's a music track, please ensure that your voice starts right from the beginning. Make sure there is no pause, silence, or only background music at the start of the audio snippet.

Please review the Requirements and Guidelines for Free Tracks and Premium Tracks before uploading. For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at publishers@insight.co.

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