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What Is the Course’s Survey?

This is a mandatory section for the course format on the app, and it's a great way to engage students. You can include a reflective question at the end of each lesson to encourage students to think more deeply about the content and apply it to their own lives. These questions can help reinforce the key takeaways from the lesson and promote active learning. Therefore, please provide a reflective question and 4 possible answers. 

General Guidelines:

  • Note that this is not intended to be a quiz: there are no right or wrong answers, it is a space to reflect on the lesson.
  • Each lesson should have its own unique question (they cannot be the same question for different lessons)
  • There should be 4 unique answers for each question (answers should not be repeated for the same question)
  • Do not include any offensive or judgmental questions or answers


From Jennifer Piercy's "Your Guide To Deeper Sleep":

  • What are you most drawn to from today’s lesson?
    • Forgiving imperfect sleep
    • To try non-judgment in sleep
    • Befriending wakefulness
    • Sleep as a seed of new beginnings

From Fleur Chamber's "You Belong: A Journey Home":

  • Which part of your day do you feel most inspired to make ‘extraordinary’?
    • The morning
    • The middle of the day
    • The end of the day
    • My entire day

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