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Instructions And Requirements For Live Events

Before proceeding with the creation of your Live Events, kindly ensure that they adhere to Insight Timer's Guidelines for Teachers.


What Are Live Events

On Insight Timer, teachers have the opportunity to lead live guided meditations, talks, music performances, yoga classes, and more. They engage with the community in real-time, utilizing not only audio but also video resources to enhance the level of connection.

Reasons To Go Live On Insight Timer

Increase Visibility

With over 17,000 teachers on Insight Timer, visibility matters. Every time you host a live session your followers will be notified and you will appear on the 'Live Now' section within the Community tab, as well as on the Live Events section within the app.

Foster Connection

Live Events provide you with a platform to actively connect with your audience in real-time. By doing so, you forge more meaningful relationships with them. In these sessions, we recommend welcoming viewers, posing questions, and fostering meaningful comments to enhance interactions.

Grow Your Audience

A 'Follow' button has been seamlessly integrated into both the live and post-live experience. This feature ensures that the more Live Event sessions you host, the greater the number of followers you'll attract. As your follower count increases, more individuals will receive notifications each time you schedule a session, upload content, or release a course. This creates a cycle of growth and visibility. During a Live session, participants can easily follow you by clicking on your profile picture in the bottom-right corner and selecting 'Follow.'

Increase Income Potential

Going live increases your revenue-earning potential, whether through donations or funneling more people to your Premium Tracks or Courses at the end of each session. 

Teachers receive 100% of the donations made via Android devices.

Please note that Apple charges a 30% fee on Live event donations made via iOS devices.

Learn more about how teachers can earn revenue on Insight Timer.

Are there any pre-requirements?


To host Live Events or Live Yoga Classes on Insight Timer, you must first submit an application. Our Onboarding Team will review your application and reach out to you within 10 days to guide you through the next steps. There are two distinct application processes:

  • Live Events: You'll gain the ability to lead live guided meditations, talks, music performances, and more. Requirements:
    • Your profile picture must meet our guidelines.
    • You will be asked to provide a high-quality demo video using the computer you'll use for hosting live events.
    • Your internet's upload speed should be at least 7mbps.

  • Yoga: You'll be able to lead live Yoga Classes. Requirements:
    • You must have completed at least 200 hours of Yoga teacher training.
    • You must have at least 2 years of teaching experience.
    • Your profile picture must meet our guidelines.
    • You will be asked to provide a high-quality demo video using the computer you'll use for hosting live events.
    • Your internet's upload speed should be at least 7mbps.

Learn how to apply for Live Events and Yoga and how to create your events.

Content & Rating

Except for Live Yoga teachers, a teacher must have at least two (2) tracks published with an average rating of 4.5 stars or higher.

Profile Picture

Cover images of Live Events are pulled from the Teacher Profile photo, please ensure that your profile image complies with the Teacher Profile Requirements.

Rules and Guidelines

All Live Events and Yoga Classes must adhere to Insight Timer's Guidelines for Teachers, in addition to the following rules:

Engage With Our Community in Real-Time

The primary purpose of hosting Live Events on Insight Timer is to provide teachers with a platform to actively engage and connect with their audiences in real-time. The community values and anticipates the teacher's presence during these events, fostering a sense of genuine interaction.

Avoid No-Shows

If, for any reason, you are unable to host your live event, please ensure you cancel it from your teacher dashboard at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. Accumulating three instances of no-shows will result in a six-month ban from hosting live events.

Infringement or non-compliance with any of the aforementioned rules may lead to a temporary or permanent ban from hosting Live Events in the future, and/or from using and uploading content on the platform. 

For additional clarifications, feel free to contact our team at publishers@insight.co. Please make sure to regularly check your inbox, including your spam and junk folders for email notifications. 

Can I Download Comments From My Live Event?

Regrettably, due to privacy considerations, downloading comments from Live Events is not a feature available. However, teachers can still revisit the live session, including the comments, by opting to replay the session.

Are Live Event Replays Available?

Replays of Live Events are exclusively accessible to teachers. It's important to note that these replays cannot be downloaded.

To watch the replays of Live Events, teachers can follow these steps using the Teacher Dashboard:

  • Log in to the Teacher Dashboard using your Teacher Account details.

  • Navigate to Live Events on the left pane of the Teacher Dashboard.

  • Click on "Past," and a list of your previously hosted live events will appear. Select the desired event, and click the "Watch Replay" button.

These simple steps allow teachers to revisit and review their Live Event replays for continued learning and improvement.

What Are Some Content Ideas Live Events?

Need some inspiration for your Live Event on Insight Timer? Here's a list of some popular themes within our community that are suitable for Live Event Sessions. 

Note that you are free to be creative and discuss topics outside the list below, as long as they abide by our Guidelines For Teachers. 

  • A daily morning meditation
  • A nightly sleep story 
  • Sunrise Yoga Asanas 
  • Sunday 'Self-Care' sessions with a talk and meditation
  • A live music session
  • Conscious Book Club
  • Weekly journaling tips/sessions 
  • Weekly creative sessions (e.g., Mindful Painting, Creating a Vision Board) 
  • Creating Writing Sessions
  • Poetry Reading
  • Weekly breathing practices and tips 
  • Sound Healing sessions 
  • Evening Buddhist Chanting 
  • Post-work Wind Down sessions
  • A talk on a topic you're passionate about sharing, like 'How to Foster Self-Love' or 'Boost Self-Confidence' 
  • Career-oriented tips (e.g., How to Set and Achieve Your Goals, How to Increase Productivity) 

Here are also ways to prepare for your Live Event session and some tips on how to hold great Live Events.

For questions or concerns, please write us at publishers@insight.co or reach out to our Teacher Support team via the Chat button found on the bottom right part of the Teacher Dashboard. 

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