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What are the Features of the Teacher Dashboard?

Insight Timer Teachers may access the Teacher Dashboard here. If you don't yet have a Teacher account, here's how to set up your Insight Timer Teacher profile

This dashboard enables teachers to manage their account with ease. 

Here are its features:

This section provides a summary of your overall performance.

This section outlines how much you've earned on Insight Timer since January 2018 until the end of last month. This figure includes revenue from Guided Library Plays, Donations, and Online Courses (depending on which products you have on the App) and is updated at the end of each month.

For teachers who've been able to publish a Course, this section provides access to user questions, reviews, and sales statistics.

This page contains user reviews for all of your courses, guided meditations, and other content.

This section provides real time reporting of your donation revenue, and a section for thanking users who've donated. Your messages of thanks will appear on your new 'Gratitude wall', which can be found on your profile screen. 

This section includes all your guided meditations, talks, and music tracks. It contains the template to upload new tracks.


This section includes all your premium guided meditations, talks, and music tracks.


Here you can schedule your live events, see the recording of your past ones and the schedule of the upcoming ones.

This section is for those who currently manage a group on the app, or would like to set one up.


Here you can get an overview of your new follower count on the platform throughout the month. 

This section contains unique trackable links for each piece of content you have on the app. This will make it easy for you and your users to share your content via email and social media. Over time you will be able to see which content is shared more frequently by users.

Here is where you can edit your image, bio, username and website.

Update your email, password, or delete your account in this section.

This is where you will provide us with your payment details. Please note we pay via PayPal.


It takes you to a form where you can send feedback to us on the Teacher Dashboard. We really appreciate your feedback to be able to improve and be able to offer what teachers need.


Here you can find the most commonly asked questions from publishers categorised by topic.

Learn how to manage your Teacher account here. You will find information on the most common doubts when using the dashboard on regular basis.

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