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Managing Notifications

Notifications are designed to keep teachers informed about new features, and interactions with your content, helping you stay engaged with your community. 

What are the types of notifications that teachers can receive? 

  • Dashboard notifications (for publishing status updates on Tracks, Courses, and Live Events)
  • Email notifications (for updates on new features, course classroom comments, donations, and track reviews) 

Can I customize my notification settings?

Dashboard notifications are set by default. At this time, you can only adjust your email notification settings. You have an option to opt-in or opt-out of specific email notifications. Simply: 

  1. Log into your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Go to Account Settings > Notifications
  3. Select the email notifications you wish to receive
  4. Click 'Save' to update your preferences.

Where will I see the notifications within the Teacher Dashboard? 

New activity is indicated by a red dot on the following tabs: 

  • Courses: A red dot signals new comments on your courses' classrooms.
  • Ratings & Reviews: This red dot alerts you to new reviews.
  • Donations: A red dot here means you've received a new donation.

Once you notice a red dot on the above tabs, you can leave a reply to the users who left you questions on the Course Classroom, reviews, and donations. 

How do I ensure I don't miss important notifications?

We encourage you to regularly check your Teacher Dashboard for any new notifications on the Dashboard tab and new content activity through the red dots as an indicator. Additionally, please monitor your email inbox (and spam folder) for updates and communications from the Insight Timer team (emails are usually sent from publishers@insight.co).

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