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Best practices for content.

Our goal is to provide a platform where teachers are able to freely share their work and message. At the same time, we also have to cater the needs of our community of meditators, making sure that the platform remains as a place of refuge. To accomplish this, we have put in place our content requirements and guidelines, as well as prepared this checklist for uploading content for our teachers' reference. Below is also a list of some tried and test practices our teachers can employ.

We have content that ranges from 45 seconds to 90 minutes, but for guided meditations, we recommend a length between 10-20 minutes, and slightly longer for music.

Our most popular topics on the app are Sleep, Mornings, Stress, Anxiety, Self-Confidence, Focus, and Gratitude. Practices that address or are centered around these tend to do well with our community.

We recommend using an ending bell, unless it is a music track, talk, or meditation for sleep. Please note Insight Timer does not supply or provide the ending bell.

The audio quality of content on the app greatly impacts the response your track will receive, from the number of plays to reviews. The recommended audio settings are:

Format: MP3
Codec: AAC or AAC-LC
Bitrate: 128kbps
Sample rate: 48khz
Maximum File Size: 150mb

It is worth taking the time to make your recording sound as good as possible. Remember people will be meditating, so any sounds in the background or microphone interferences can cause immediate distraction. We know not everyone has access to a recording studio and have compiled a list of tips to help you record the best quality meditation at home.

Background music is optional, but should you wish to use one for your track, make sure that you own the music or have expressed and/or written permission to use it. Here are some commonly used royalty-free sources by teachers on Insight Timer.

For visual design purposes, your track title should be written with the first letter of each word capitalized. It should also be succinct and clear. Make generalized titles like "Guided Meditation" or "Mindfulness Practice" specific by adding the focus or the benefit. For example, "Guided Meditation For Sleep & Rest" or "Mindfulness Practice To Relieve Stress & Anxiety".

Make sure to properly categorize your content. Please note that silent meditations will not be allowed as per our content requirements and guidelines. Poems, Interviews, Readings, Speeches, and Podcasts should be put under Talks. If a Talk includes a guided meditation, there's also an option to indicate this in the upload form. There are also a variety of genres to categorize Music. Properly categorizing your uploads will boost their discoverability.

Please refer to our image requirements & technical specifications for reference.

Please write your descriptions in paragraph form, cohesively, in sentence case, and without special characters or emojis. Make your description at least 500 characters. The more information you put in the description, the better your track's discoverability becomes. Please also credit contributors, collaborators, and/or influences in the description.

Ensure that the copyright status on your form is filled up. Unclear or blank copyright status may result into delays in publishing.

The app allows users to filter tracks by male or female voice. Filling up the "voice in the file" section will ensure that your track appears accordingly when these filters are on.

Remember to also fill this part out to avoid any copyright infringement. Furthermore, if your collaborator/contributor is also a teacher on the app, he'll be notified accordingly.

Ready to upload content? Here's how.

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