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Can my tracks be scheduled for release on Insight Timer?

At Insight Timer, our publishing team reviews and releases tracks once they are submitted, based on our current publishing schedule.

Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule specific dates for the release of individual tracks. 

However, if you would like your tracks to be published by a certain date, we suggest submitting them in advance and taking our publishing schedule into consideration. Read more about our approval process.

If you want to upload multiple tracks at the same time but have them released on different dates, you can save them as “drafts” and “submit” them closer to the date you want them to be released. 

Publishing content frequently and spacing out their release, may help it be exposed to your followers for a longer period of time, as it will appear on their notification trays and stories (if they have them turned on).

We value your content and hope that this information is helpful in managing your track releases on Insight Timer. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns by emailing us to

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