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How Do Donations Work?

On Insight Timer, teachers can receive donations from listeners who want to support their work.

How much can my listeners donate? 

Your listeners can choose from different preset amounts, enabling them to support your cause according to their capacity and preferences.

The amounts are in USD and these options are available: 


  • $1.99
  • $4.99
  • $19.99
  • $49.99
  • $99.99
  • $199.99


  • $1.99
  • $4.99
  • $9.99
  • Other

The "Other" option on Android enables listeners to donate a specific amount (up to $999) that suits their budget and support their favorite teachers on the platform.

Do I receive 100% of the donations?

Yes, you will receive 100% of the donations from your listeners, except for donations made from an iOS device. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Apple's in-app purchase system will deduct a 30% fee from any donation made from an iOS device
  • This does not affect any donation revenue you receive on an Android device.

We keep our commitment to you by taking 0% of any donation revenue, passing the entirety (after Apple’s cut) onto Teachers.

Donations will be paid to you monthly and reflected in your monthly statements.

How do I know when I receive a donation?

When users donate to you, you will see them on the Donations tab in your Teacher Dashboard. A red dot will appear as an indicator of a new donation received. In the same tab, you will see the amount donated, who it was from, and if they have left any messages together with the donation. 

Can I thank someone who donated?

You can thank listeners who donated directly from your Teacher Dashboard. You can go to the Donations tab, sort by Awaiting, and reply to your donations in the field Write a reply. Once you have replied, your message will be displayed on your Gratitude Wall. To check your Gratitude Wall, open the app, access your profile (you can search for your name on the search bar), and click Donate. You will see a list of everyone who donated.

How users can make donations? 

They can donate in various places across the app.

  • After a user starts “Following” you, a "Donate" button will appear on:

  • Your profile screen, on the top right

  • Your track's screen. Once the track starts playing, the donation button will appear at the top right.

  • On any track, they can go to “More” and will see the donate button after clicking.

  • During your Live Event sessions. Once inside the Live session, the donation button will appear at the top right.

Note: Make sure you have donations enabled on your teacher profile.

On the Teacher Profile

While listening to a Track

Option 1: On the track's initial screen, click "More" and a "Donate" button will appear 

Option 2: While listening to a track, "Follow" the teacher and a "Donate" button will appear

During a Live Event

Click on the "Donate" button on the top right corner of the screen 

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