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Where do my listeners donate?

Your listeners can donate in different places across the app:

  1. After a user starts “Following” you, a "Donate" button will appear on:

  • Your profile screen in the form of the donation button on the top right

  • On your track screen. Once the track starts playing, the donation button will appear at the top right.

  1. On any track, they can go to “More” and will see the donate button after clicking.

  2. During your Live sessions. Once inside the Live session, the donation button will appear at the top right.

Note: Make sure you have donations enabled on your teacher profile.

On the teacher profile:

While listening to a track:

Option 1: On the track's initial screen, click "More" and a "Donate" button will appear:

Option 2: While listening to a track, "Follow" the teacher and a "Donate" button will appear:

During a Live event: click on the Donate button in the top right corner.

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