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Recording Tips

The audio quality of uploaded content significantly impacts how well your tracks are received, from the number of plays to the ratings and reviews each track gains. 

It is worth taking the time to make sure that your tracks are well-recorded. Remember that people listening to your tracks will be meditating, so any background noise or microphone interference can cause immediate distraction.

Uploaded tracks should also maintain authenticity and genuineness, reflecting the voice of the teacher. Please do not use AI-generated audio recordings. 

We understand that not everyone may have access to a professional recording studio, and we are sharing a set of tips to help you achieve the best possible recording quality at home: 


We recommend recording in a densely furnished small room. It helps to have carpeting and thick curtains in the room to help absorb sound reflections. Avoid areas prone to echoing, such as hard-tiled rooms like bathrooms. 


A lot of the top microphone manufacturers now offer USB-enabled microphones that can be directly connected to your computer without the need for external amplification. Here's a link to the recommended microphones for your reference. For iOS or iPhone users, these are highly recommended microphones compatible with your devices.

Also, we highly recommend the use of a POP filter to avoid 'puff' or 'popping' noises.


For Mac users, GarageBand is the best recording software solution as it's built-in for your device. You may also consider Audacity as another free and versatile option that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. 


You can source background music to enhance your meditations. This is optional, and if you opt to use background music for your meditations, it is best to keep volumes consistent (not too high, not too low). This way, your listeners are still able to enjoy your track without hardly understanding your instructions or being overly distracted by the background music. 

Please ensure that you have the copyright to use the background music used in the track. You may refer to the available sources of royalty-free music for suitable options.


Format: MP3

Codec: AAC or AAC-LC

Bitrate: 128kbps 

Sample Rate: 48khz


In case you have recorded a guided meditation, podcast, or talk that contains background noise, or needs audio clean-up, you can try using Descript or this audio enhancement tool from Adobe. Please note that the tool from Adobe is in Beta, and only works for voice recordings. 

If your track is recorded in a live environment, it is important to mention this in the description, and we encourage you to upload these types of content as Free Tracks instead of Premium. 

You may also listen to our Learn How to Meditate in 7 Days course for free as a reference to recommended audio quality. Please also refer to our content requirements and guidelines and our best practices for content for further guidance. 

We highly encourage you to follow these recommendations for a more seamless content publishing experience. We reserve the right to reject any content that does not meet the audio standards. 

Please reach out to us via publishers@insight.co if you have any questions or concerns. 

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