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Image Requirements & Technical Specifications for Content

The following rules will ensure your tracks and courses are aligned with the app's visual identity. Please note that Live Events, by default, are accompanied by your profile image. Check the requirements for your profile image here.

The image requirements below ensure a consistent and harmonious tone across our platform. 

Insight Timer is a very visual platform, and you would want to make sure your content stands out with a beautiful image that is clean, simple, easy to understand, and where possible, identifies with your brand too.

We recommend using clean, warm, minimalistic, bold, and compelling images that generate positive emotions in our audience.

Think about the topic you are sharing, and make sure there is a connection between it and your selected image. Consider using keywords, such as your audio benefit, origin, type of practice, and so on, when searching for the right image.

If the image submitted does not adhere to our requirements, we reserve the right to reject the track or course until these are met.


Your track or course's accompanying image must be in high resolution (not blurry), at least 1600x1600 pixels, and have a maximum file size of 20 MB. Content images with less than the specifications above will not be approved.


You either must own the rights to your track or course's images, or it must be royalty-free and in the public domain. If the need arises, we may require proof of ownership/permission.

Here are some suggestions for websites providing royalty-free images:

NOTE: While the above-mentioned websites offer free downloadable images, please be aware that some may be AI-generated, and not all images are guaranteed to be copyright-free or royalty-free. We encourage teachers to diligently vet any images downloaded prior to use. 

There are also paid websites where you can source high-quality images:


We allow the use of digital or graphic illustrations, and artwork, given that they harmonize seamlessly with the app interface and also adhere to the other image guidelines outlined in this section. It is crucial that the artwork maintains a refined appearance and avoids any disheveled, blurred, disturbing, or unsightly elements. It should align with the theme of your meditation. We do not allow AI-generated images that look unnatural, or dark, or that present cluttered or contorted faces, limbs, and elements that may trigger confusion, or downlifting feelings.

That said, we recommend you always prefer high-res photographs rather than graphically edited/created images. Natural, professional, and not overly edited pictures attract more listeners, leveraging your content's popularity.


Images should not be in black & white. They should also not have all-black or all-white backgrounds. Preferably use natural light and colors. Please refrain from using unnatural-looking filters.


Feel welcome to use high-resolution images of yourself that will transmit a sense of welcome, grounding, and warmth. Please note that selfies are not allowed.


If you have worked together with another publisher to create content, please avoid excess editing or a photoshopped background in order to have both of you on the same image. You can refer to these profile and content photos as examples: Saqib & Charles and Wakes.


Images should not have logos, text, or any other overlay. 'Logos' encompass graphics, clipart, additional elements like frames or overlays not original to the photo. 'Text' includes timestamps, hand-lettering, fonts, and photos containing letters or numbers, such as prints on t-shirts, signage, wall writings, etc.


Images should be uplifting and inspirational. They must not be sexually suggestive or contain any form of nudity, whether implicit or explicit. Additionally, images cannot depict violence.


We recommend that images for sleep content represent the context of evenings, nights, starry skies, etc. This is the only case where darker images or backgrounds will be accepted. For reference, please find sleep images here.


Cartoons and illustrations are recommended for this type of content. For reference, please find related images here.


Please ensure that the image you select fits well within our three cropping formats below. This means that the main elements should remain intact in all formats, and there should be no abrupt cuts (e.g., the image should look good in portrait mode without cutting off the head in landscape mode).

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