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Instructions and Requirements For Premium Tracks

Before proceeding with the upload of your Premium Tracks, kindly ensure that they adhere to Insight Timer's Guidelines for Teachers.

What Are Premium Tracks

Premium Tracks are high-quality audio tracks, which include guided meditations, music tracks, talks, podcasts, or poems. These tracks require studio-level audio quality and/or music (where applicable), along with high-resolution, carefully selected images. Here's an example of a Premium Track that meets all the mentioned criteria: Wake Up Call To Your Soul by Darius Bashar.

Premium Tracks are available exclusively to subscribers. Insight Timer's MemberPlus subscription unlocks access to all premium content and additional features.

Insight Timer generates revenue through subscriptions, a portion of which is paid to teachers. This underscores the importance of offering exceptional premium content exclusively to subscribers. The more subscribers we have, the greater the revenue available to support teachers. We allocate a significant share of our teacher revenue to premium content plays, making Premium Tracks an excellent additional avenue for teachers to earn meaningful income. For more information on how teachers can earn revenue, check this article.

What is the difference between a Free and a Premium Track?

While Free Tracks are accessible to all users on the platform, Premium Tracks are exclusively available to MemberPlus subscribers. Both types of content require good audio quality, but Premium Tracks demand studio-level sound. Additionally, Premium Tracks weigh more significantly in the revenue split compared to Free Tracks.

Learn more about the difference between Free and Premium Tracks.

Are there any pre-requirements?
You must have at least two (2) Free Tracks published to unlock Premium Content, including Premium Tracks.

Is there a minimum number of tracks I can upload?

There is no minimum. The more frequently you share content with our community, the better. 

Can I delete or re-use Free Tracks and publish them as Premium?

No, it's not possible to convert a Free Track into a Premium Track.

We encourage you to upload new high-quality content to enhance your portfolio. This presents an excellent opportunity to provide your audience with fresh and valuable materials, and we look forward to seeing what you'll create.

If you mistakenly published your Premium Track as a Free Track, please contact our Publishing Team within 48 hours. 

Can I have the same Free Track published as a Premium Track? 

If you have already published a track as free, it is not possible to also publish it as a Premium Track on the platform. Even if you make slight changes to the title, description, audio quality, adding background music, or the length of the track, it is not allowed to duplicate the same content. It is important that our premium subscribers see the value of getting access to unique content. We invite you to upload new high-quality content that will enrich your current offering.

Can I upload the same track in different Publisher accounts?

No, the same track cannot be published under more than one Publisher account. This would be considered duplication, which is not allowed on Insight Timer.

Can I upload the lessons of my active Course as Free or Premium Tracks? 

No, you can only publish the audio lessons collectively as a Course or individually as Free or Premium tracks. You can't have the same audio published twice on the platform. Please reach out to publishers@insight.co if you would like to publish your Course lessons as Free or Premium Tracks so we can assist you in unpublishing your course.  

In summary, a Premium Track should be completely new to Insight Timer: 

  • A Free Track cannot be deleted/edited to be re-uploaded as a Premium Track.
  • The same track cannot be published as Free and Premium at the same time. 
  • The same track cannot be published under two (2) different Publisher accounts.
  • A Course lesson cannot be published as Premium or a Free Track at the same time.

How can I upload Premium Tracks?

To upload Premium Tracks, go to the 'Premium Tracks' tab in your Teacher Dashboard. Click on 'Create a track' and provide all the necessary information.

Step 1: Details

Fill out the necessary information, considering our Guidelines For Teachers and the following instructions. You can also refer to our Best Practices For Content.


Please, use capitalization for the first letter of each word, and make titles succinct and clear. Avoid redundancy, such as repeating "guided meditation" or including your name in the title. For instance, use titles like "Anxiety Relief" or "Managing Anxiety" instead of "Guided Meditation for Anxiety by Joseph Woods."


Please write your descriptions in paragraph form, cohesively, in proper sentence cases, without special characters or emojis. Do not add links, contact information, social media profiles, or any type of promotional content. Make your description at least 200 characters and 1000 characters at most. The more information you put in the description, the better your track's discoverability becomes. Please also credit contributors, collaborators, and/or influences in the description by mentioning their full names.


As premium offerings, audio files for Premium Tracks must be in mp3 format and studio quality. We strive to keep not only the content quality thoughtful and well-crafted but also the audio quality as part of our promise to premium Member Plus users. Since Premium Tracks are paid products, typically users are also more discerning of the overall quality of content. 

Kindly ensure that there is no extra noise in your recordings that can disturb the user, like flipping pages, objects falling, dogs barking, people talking in the background, footsteps, and similar external sounds. This will also help your track get better ratings and reviews. Please find more information on how to create high-quality audio here.


This is a 30-second preview that will showcase the most memorable part of your track and will be accessible to everyone. This will help you increase the chances of getting more plays and generating income from your Premium Tracks. For a better listening experience, unless it's a music track, please ensure that your voice starts right from the beginning. Make sure there is no pause, silence, or only background music at the start of the audio snippet.


The image you select for your track plays an essential role in attracting users' attention. Please make sure your selected images meet our Image Requirements.

Step 2: Copyright

Make certain that you own the copyright to the content, audio, image, and music (including background music) shared in your track, or that it is royalty-free and in the public domain. We take issues with copyright very seriously. Before you upload anything onto the app, please read this article.

Step 3: Categorize

Be sure to categorize your content properly. It will boost discoverability and ensure your track is recommended to the right audience, primed to listen to it and to like it.

Credentials and Qualifications
Before recording a Premium Track, please make sure that you have the relevant qualifications, accreditations, or expertise, where applicable to support the topic that you will be covering.

Please note that proof of accreditation will be mandatory if you select a specialized category, and/or use trademarked practices or terms, such as, but not limited to, Neuroscience, Psychology, MBSR, ACT, the Wim Hof Method, Transcendental Meditation, ACIM, Max Meditation System, Goenka, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Alan Watts, SOMA meditation, Carl Jung, José Silva (Silva Method), OSHO, or similar disciplines.

Step 4: Review

Have a final look at your Premium Track's details, and choose if you would like to schedule it or to have it published right after approval.

Click 'Submit' to send your track for review.

We reserve the right to reject any track that does not meet any of the above requirements. As a teacher, you can edit or remove your material at any time. Please make sure to regularly check your inbox, including your spam and junk folders for email notifications about your track submissions. Please contact publishers@insight.co for support. 

If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, please help us by letting us know here.

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