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The Importance of Content Depth for Teacher Success

As our revenue-sharing model is tied to our teachers' accomplishments, our mission is to empower our Teacher Community to succeed on our platform. 

We are committed to providing our teachers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. 

Our insights highlight key factors that set successful teachers apart, we call these factors the four pillars of content depth.

1. Quality - Engage users with appealing visuals, descriptions, and high audio quality for captivating content

2. Quantity - Offer a good number and variety of free tracks, premium tracks and courses, enhancing users' well-being experiences

3. Diversity -  Address various topics to cater to different preferences, aligning with users' specific needs. Having content with various track lengths is also recommended.

4. Activity - Regularly uploading content and hosting live events fosters an engaged, connected community. 

We've harnessed the four pillars above to create a comprehensive Content Depth Score. This score offers a holistic snapshot of your performance, making it easier for you to gauge your overall content depth and compare it to our most successful teachers.

While these criteria are central to Content Depth, they are not the only things leading to success. In conjunction, actively promoting your content, valuing and considering user feedback, and crafting community-aligned content is equally vital.

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